Unlock the value of SAP applications!

We are

a Software and Services company helping SAP customers to unlock the value of SAP applications especially when it comes to digital strategy and transformation.

Throughout the past 20+ years, AONE engaged with numerous customers performing SAP implementation and providing application support with affordable prices and high-quality results.

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Our Philosophy

Wherever you start from, whether it is converting to or implementing new SAP S/4HANA, developing new code or even migrating to the cloud, AONE can support assist you with defining and developing your business case. AONE will work closely with you and your business partners teams to develop the appropriate strategy and a roadmap that can then be chosen for reaching the goals with minimal disruption.

Our services

No matter the required strategy, being it an SAP Greenfield Implementation, or an SAP S/4HANA Conversion, or a Cloud Migration, or a combined SAP S/4HANA Conversion and Migration (on-premise or in cloud), AONE is experienced to perform such activities, with a competitive price, quality, and fast time to value.

As a result of developing the right business case for your organization, you will be able to incorporate critical elements, such as:

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About Us

Without the right business case, ideas are just ideas, forever locked away as a pipe dream and nothing more. AONE is ready to engage with you today to initiate and guide your organization developing the right business case and help you succeed.

Simple Facts


The right business case is the one thing that brings people together and inspires them to embrace an idea by communicating project goals, proving investment worthiness, and detailing actions people must take.

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The road to SAP S/4HANA, requires a smooth path, developing the right business case can become a driving force of your digital strategy.

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A business case is much more than a tool for a single implementation or transformation project, it is about building a roadmap guiding your organization towards a long-term success.